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Reduce your research investment costs by filing for R&D tax credits.

We take the uncertainty out of the filing process and relieve pressure on internal resource requirements.

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Our consultants each have many years of experience with the R&D tax credit program. They can help you in every step of the way: identifying eligible activities, preparing claim write-ups, gathering and keeping documentation and defending claims during enquiries. more

Introduction to us

Braithwaite Tax Recovery Consultants Limited (BTRCL) can assist you in obtaining tax credits for research and development activities.

BTRCL has been operating in the UK since 2004. Its focus is the preparation of UK R&D tax relief claims.

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Did you know UK companies are leaving money on the table?

It is estimated that despite the Government providing millions of pounds in funding for claims made under the R&D tax credit program to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), there are still hundreds of millions of pounds that were unclaimed and thousands of SMEs who could file claims.

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